Cam Switches SPAMEL

Spamel offers a wide range of cam switches from 10A to 100A. These high quality products are available in a housing, for panel or base-rail mounting. Our cam switches are safe and the conform to Polish and European standards.

Łączniki Krzywkowe Spamel

The range of products of our company includes:

distribution boards, control stations, cam switches, isolating switch disconnectors and other electrotechnical devices. Amongst the most popular products are manual call points. Another line of products are disconnectors: isolating, toggle switch and power changeover switches.

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We encourage you to use our search engine for diagrams of Spamel cam switches. This is a database which will help to find the right diagram by drawing it or browsing the existing diagrams. The data base is updated daily.

S.I. Spamel – Our Products

S.I. Spamel is a manufacturer of low-voltage electrical devices used in power, machine and building industry. Below are the categories of our products:

Control pushbuttons

Control pushbuttons mounted in the opening Φ22 and pendant control stations

Compact pilot light

Pilot lights illuminated with 24V and 230V LED


Smoke, CO and water leakage sensors and signalling devices

Pendant control stations

PKS pendant control stations are designed to control and operate hoists, cranes and lifters

Emergency switches

Manual call points, desmoking buttons and emergency pushbuttons

Cam switches

The wide range of Spamel cam switches from 10 to 100A. Panel mounted, to the base on the rail and in the enclosure

Limit switch

New in Spamel offer. Limit switches

Isolating switch disconnectors

Isolating switch disconnectors, Network-Aggregate changeover switches from 63A to 160A

Switch sockets

Switch sockets, switch receptacles/combos (0-1 or L-O-R cam switch with 16A or 32A socket)

Distribution boards

Spamel low-voltage distribution boards. 5, 7, 11-module with 16A and 32A sockets.


Other accessories from Spamel. LEDs, axes, plates, and more

Full list of Spamel product categories

  • Control pushbuttons SP22, ST22

  • Control stations SP22, ST22

  • Actuators SP22, ST22

  • Compact pilot lights PK22

  • Pendant control stations PKS

  • Manual call point OP1

  • Manual desmoking pushbutton OD1

  • Manual emergency pushbutton OA1

  • Cam switches ŁK16R, ŁK25R, ŁK32R

  • Cam switches SK10, SK16, SK20, SK25, SK32, SK40, SK63, SK100

  • Cam switches SK10G, SK16G, SK20G

  • Cam switches ŁKS

  • Cam switches – Main Disconnector

  • Combined selector switch and pushbutton ŁPO

  • Cam switches ŁK15, ŁK40, ŁK63

  • Limit switch LK

  • Isolating switch disconnector RSI

  • Power supply changeover switch PRZK

  • Rozłączniki do Fotowoltaniki RSI-F

  • Switch socket ZI

  • Switch receptacle ZO

  • Motor starter RZ

  • Switch sockets GB

  • Distribution boards ROS


Manual call point OP1

Manual call point (OP1) is intended for use in industry buildings and public places. It is offered in two versions: flush and surface mounted. Each version is available in two types: A and B. In OP1 type A the switch is released after breaking the glass in an emergency. In OP1 type B, after breaking the glass the momentary pushbutton must be pressed. Each enclosure can be fitted with three switches SP22-10 (NO) or SP22-01 (NC). In addition, each assembly can be fitted with a diode which can be connected to the switch or directly to the alarm system in the building.

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