Motor starter RZ03

Motor starter RZ03

Motor starters RZ


Assemblies RZ03-R420, RZ03-L420 are fitted with gland M32×1,5.

This protecting and starting switch socket is mainly intended for non-industry customers to install 3-phase motors. Apart from thermal protection, the device is sensitive to phase failures. Damages caused by voltage unbalancing are quire common and the repair costs may be very high. The unit is fitted with On/Off pushbuttons and an easy accessible emergency button what conforms to new safety regulations. In case the unit controls more than one workstation, additional emergency pushbuttons can be fitted.
Thermal ranges of standard assemblies are given in Ordering codes . In individual orders use the thermal relays as shown in the table Types of thermal relays.
Motor starters are compliant with the standard: PN-EN 60439-1.
Rated insulation voltage Ui 500 V
Rated continuous current Iu max 14/18 A
Rated frequency 50-60 Hz
Rated switching voltage Ue 230/400 V
Rated withstand impulse voltage Uimp 6 kV
Wire gauge 2.5...4 mm²
Degree of protection IP55
Protection class II

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